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Lifelong security renewed

Your lifelong security is close to our heart. That is why we want to safeguard your life and the lives of your loved ones, while developing the elements of a good life. With this purpose in mind, we are currently renewing our insurance products and electronic services. Below, read more about our renewal project and see some frequently asked questions and our responses.

Did you get our message about your new policy?

We are currently updating our insurance products with the purpose of improving customer service, streamlining our own work and ensuring the consistency of insurance cover for customers. We will be renewing our health, home, pet, forest and boat insurance products during 2022–2023. Health insurance is a package consisting of accident, travel and/or medical expenses insurance.

Our ongoing renewal project affects all insurance products we offer, and our old insurance products will be gradually phased out as a result.
We will be sending you an announcement describing this renewal. For more information, see your policy documents, available in our online service. To log in to the online service, enter your banking credentials.

  1. 1.

    Please familiarise yourself with the announcement, as it provides further information on our renewal project.

  2. 2.

    Read your policy documents carefully.

  3. 3.

    You are advised to check that your policy still meets your insurance needs.

  4. 4.

    Contact our customer service, if you wish to update your insurance cover in any way.

  5. 5.

    Pay the invoice we send you with the letter or the electronic invoice found in your online bank.

If you previously paid your policy using an electronic invoice but cannot find it now, you can exceptionally see your invoice in our online service. For more information on invoicing issues that are affected by our ongoing renewal project, see the section ‘I have paid my invoice as an electronic invoice. I cannot find my invoice now – what should I do?

Please note that your new policy and insurance cover take effect when you pay your invoice.

Frequently asked questions

We are currently renewing our insurance products together with the insurance and claims systems we use. That is why we are also now updating your policies. The following insurance products are affected: health, home, pet, forest and boat insurance.

Health insurance is a package that contains insurance cover for accidents, travel and medical expenses, depending on the insurances you have purchased.

In future, every insured person will get their personal health insurance policy, whereas previously the policyholder’s insurance contract also covered his or her family members. Additionally, all insurances will be subject to clearer, uniform terms and conditions.

Please note that in future the ages up to which health insurance policies remain active will become more uniform:

- accident insurance and travel insurance to remain active up to age 100 years
- daily allowance cover to remain active up to age 67 years
- medical treatment expenses covers for illness to remain active up to age 80 years.

In the event of an accident or illness, do not forget to take advantage of our Terveyshelppi service.

The offer we have prepared on your new insurance cover has the same content as your existing policy. If you wish to keep your insurance cover unchanged, there is nothing you need to do. Your old policy will end, and we will activate your new policy automatically when you pay the invoice we have sent you.

If you have any questions or would like to update the details of your insurance cover, or if you would not like to accept the new policy we offer, kindly contact our customer service.

Keep in mind that your old policy will end on the day shown in the announcement.

Based on insurance risk, we have introduced some pricing updates in respect of the health insurance covers we provide. The price of your policy may be affected, if you have an active medical expenses insurance policy. If you have active only property insurance related policies, the price adjustments are mainly minor.

However, prices may have changed if your Omaetu loyalty benefits were adjusted as normal because of new insurance covers or ones that have been terminated. Similarly, prices may be affected by any rebates that expire normally when moving from one insurance period to another.

If you have an active home insurance policy with us, you are eligible for an additional 25% loyal customer rebate on your Medical treatment expenses cover for illness included in your health insurance package. If you have no home insurance with us, any possible rebate that was active previously has now ended.

You are advised to contact us, if you have active a home insurance policy entitling you to a rebate but this rebate is not shown in your contract.

Our offer on your new insurance cover has the same content as your old policy. One of the purposes of our renewal project is to harmonise the terms and conditions of the policies we have granted over a long time period. Your policy may be affected as a result of any differences between your old policy and the new one. As a general rule, all changes affect you positively.

To see the data on your insurance premiums and the terms and conditions of your new policy, visit our online service or contact our customer service.

We sent you an announcement about the termination of your policy, as your policy is about to be updated. This means that your old policy will end, and we offer you a new one that has the same content as your old policy. Your new policy activates automatically, when you pay the invoice we have sent you as you would pay any invoice.

We are now harmonising policies concluded over a time period of several decades, and this means we will no longer offer our old insurance products. Old products will be phased out gradually, which is why we are now in the process of cancelling all expiring policies. For the date when your current policy ends, see the letter we have sent you or visit our online service.

The paper letter we sent you describes some of the important key points about the new policy we are now offering you, and it also informs you that your old policy is about to expire. By law, notice must always be given in writing, which is why you received a paper letter by post.

Your paperless service (paperiton palvelu) is active as normal, and in future we will send all your messages by electronic means, just like you are used to receiving them.

For all your policy details, visit our online service. Use your banking credentials to log in to the service, where you can browse your policy document, invoice, the product bulletin, key information, product description and terms and conditions.

In our renewal project, we have made the online service functions available to all customers. Please use your banking credentials to log in to the online service.

The online service allows you to see your complete insurance package easily in one place. There, see your policy document, invoice, the product bulletin, key information, product description and terms and conditions. Pay your invoice online, request an extension to settle your invoice, file a claim, and manage your savings and investments. Additionally, you can communicate electronically with our customer service

For instructions on how to contact the customer service of the LocalTapiola regional company in your area, see the announcement we have sent you or the contact details section online.

Our renewal project also affects invoicing. This is why we have sent to your online bank a new proposal to authorise electronic invoicing. You received an announcement on this either in a text message or in a letter.

If you have not accepted this new authorisation yet, you can do this using the name ‘LähiTapiola-ryhmä’ (LocalTapiola Group), after which you will receive all subsequent invoices in electronic format.

You can also see any open invoices you have by logging in to our online service. To browse your invoices, navigate to the Laskut (Invoices) section.

The new features we are currently updating into our insurance products also affect invoicing. Because of these updates, we sent you an announcement requesting you to submit a new authorisation in your bank.

Contact your bank to submit a new authorisation (LähiTapiola-ryhmä [LocalTapiola Group]) in order to keep receiving your invoices as direct payment in future.

The due date of all updated policies is automatically the 1st day of the month. The date when your policy takes effect determines the policy due date.

The ongoing project to renew our insurance products also introduces some new invoicing options. In future, you have the option to pay your invoice in 1, 2, 4, 6 or 12 instalments. Paying in three instalments is no longer possible – if you previously paid your invoice in three instalments, we have amended your policy in such a way that you will now automatically pay it in four instalments. If you would like to change something with how your policy is invoiced, please contact our customer service.

We sent you a separate letter, if your accidental death policy showed as beneficiary someone you had appointed or designated.

The new insurance offer we sent you designates family members as the beneficiary. Family members are the beneficiary set out in the terms and conditions governing accidental death policies in situations where the policyholder has not appointed or designated any other beneficiary.

With the ongoing renewal of our insurance products, we can no longer use the beneficiary order that you submitted previously. This is why family members are shown as the beneficiary in your accidental death policy, if you do not appoint or designate any other beneficiary.

You can choose to replace family members with a single beneficiary to whom the relevant compensation will be paid in case you die. Kindly let us know in writing, if you would like to replace family members with some other beneficiary. If you have no desire to change this, there is nothing you need to do.

To submit a new beneficiary order, follow these instructions:

  • Complete the form that was enclosed with our letter, and return it to us in the return envelope you received with the letter.

  • Alternatively, appoint your chosen beneficiary in our online service. Go to Viestit (Messages) and send us a message. When appointing a beneficiary in our online service, do not forget to send us the same information that we ask in the form. Also indicate your policy number so that we can add the beneficiary to the correct policy.

We are currently upgrading our communication options in order to be able to tell you about insurance product updates in more than one channel. The messages we send you remind you about the payment of your invoice so that your customer relationship with us and your insurance cover continue without interruption. Additionally, we offer you the option to contact us, should you like to discuss our renewal project in more detail.