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Incomes Register

LocalTapiola gets the data needed for the purpose of workers’ compensation insurance directly from the Incomes Register. However, in claims handling we continue to ask employers for the wage data so as to process claims as quickly as possible. All wage data are reported to the Incomes Register electronically. The Finnish Tax Administration’s website features instructional videos on how to use the Incomes Register and how to save your data.

Workers’ compensation insurance wage data

For the final workers’ compensation insurance premium, we retrieve the wage data from the Incomes Register.

All payers must primarily report data to the Incomes Register using a Finnish business ID or personal identity code.

If a payer does not have a client identifier issued in Finland, the data are to be reported under a foreign identifier. In this case specifying identification and contact data, such as name and address, must be provided. If a payer has a Finnish and a foreign identifier, both identifiers are to be reported.

If wages have been reported to the Incomes Register under a foreign company code or other codes (VAT identifier (VAT), GIIN identifier, tax identifier (TIN), trade register code, foreign personal identity code, other identifier), please email the payroll totals by occupation class, the policyholder’s name, code, and country code to tulorekisteripalkat(a) The email connection is not secure. You can send a secure message at (site available in Finnish only)

For more information on the wages to be reported to the Incomes Register, see the Finnish Tax Administration’s instructions under International situations. Reporting data to the Incomes Register: international situations – Incomes Register (

Workers’ compensation insurance occupation class

An occupation class describing the work he or she performs must be recorded for each employee. The occupation classes can be found in Statistics Finland’s classification of occupations, specifically compiled for the purpose of Incomes Register reporting.
The classification can be accessed here.

In the Incomes Register, the occupation class code is five characters in length. If the code given by LuokitusEkspertti has fewer than five characters, a sufficient number of zeros (0) should be added in order for the code to have five characters.

Income types of the Incomes Register

A payment made to an income earner, such as wages, can comprise several different income types. The data is reported to the Incomes Register using income types.

An income type is a three-digit code value. The income type indicates what kind of income is in question. The income types of the Incomes Register correspond to the most common pay types used by payroll administrations.

For more detailed instructions, visit the Finnish Tax Administration’s Incomes Register website.

Employers with several workers’ compensation insurance policies

If an employer has several workers’ compensation insurance policies, the insurance number of the policy under which the employee is covered should be recorded for the wage earner.

In the Incomes Register, data on the accident insurance company is entered by selecting
Accident insurance company type: 1 (the identified is the business ID) Accident insurance company code: 0211034-2 (LocalTapiola’s business ID)

LocalTapiola reports to the Incomes Register the data on the benefits and pensions it has paid under insurance policies

LocalTapiola does not report to the Incomes Register any information contained in pension decisions or benefit decisions or any information on whether a claim is pending or not.

We report to the Incomes Register the benefits and pension benefits paid from workers’ compensation, motor liability, and liability insurance.

Payer of benefit to correct incorrect data in Incomes Register

Correcting any incorrect data reported to the Incomes Register is always the responsibility of the reporter of the data, meaning the payer of the wages, benefit or pension.

If a beneficiary detects an error in the Incomes Register data, they should contact

  • compensation under workers’ compensation insurance, and personal insurance claims of major customers

  • motor liability insurance claims

  • bodily injury under liability insurance

  • voluntary personal insurance claims
    +358 9 453 3945 (personal accident claims)
    +358 9 453 3610 (traveller’s claims)
    +358 9 453 2212 (medical expenses claims)
    +358 9 453 8336 (corporate customers in all classes: in personal accidents, travel and medical treatment issues)

  • Benefits and pensions paid by LocalTapiola Life
    tel. +358 9 453 8000

Further information on the Incomes Register

  • Data to be reported to the Incomes Register include wages, remuneration, trade income and other earned income such as fringe benefits. In addition, tax-free and taxable reimbursements for expenses must be reported.

  • There is no minimum EUR limit; all wage data must be reported regardless of the sum.

  • Data on wages paid after 1 January 2019 are to be reported.

  • If a private individual hires an employee, thereby becoming an employer, the data must be reported to the Incomes Register.

  • The wages, remuneration, trade income and other earned income such as fringe benefits for the work performed must be reported to the Incomes Register. Any reimbursements for expenses must also be reported.

  • If a private individual purchases a service from a company registered in the prepayment register, no report to the Incomes Register is necessary.

  • If a household hires an employee not registered in the prepayment register, the data required for workers’ compensation insurance must be taken into consideration in the report.

  • Everyone may view their own wage data and pension income data in the Incomes Register. Data on the benefits paid can be viewed as of the beginning of 2021.

  • No need to submit wage data with the application yourself, since the authority receives the data from the register.

  • You can check in the Incomes Register whether an employer has fulfilled the reporting obligations governing employers.

For Incomes Register related instructions, visit the Finnish Tax Administration’s website.

The Incomes Register customer service provides guidance on questions about reporting on the telephone and in chat. The customer service is open on weekdays 9am–4:15pm. The chat at provides general guidance on the Incomes Register.

The Incomes Register service number is +358 29 497 550.