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We use cookies to ensure a smoother user experience in our services.

Cookies policy

Cookies and other similar techniques

On our websites and services, we use cookies and other online identifiers (‘cookies’). Cookies are small text files that are saved in the browser on your device when you visit different websites and services. Cookies can be used, for example, to track the websites you visit, to help you continue where you left off and to remember your settings, such as your language selection. Cookies can also be used to collect data about your action on different sites and services.

See below for more information about the types of cookies we at LocalTapiola use, and why we use them. We also tell you how you can manage cookies.

What cookies do we use?

Session cookies and persistent cookies

Session cookies and persistent cookies are the types of cookies we use. Session cookies are saved on your device only for the duration of your session or transaction, and they are removed automatically when you quit your browser. As for persistent cookies, they last also after you end your session, and they are saved for a predetermined period.

First-party and third-party cookies

Most of the cookies we use are first-party cookies that we set on our websites and services. The data they collect may either be exclusively for our own use, or they may also be used by our partners. Our websites and services also feature third-party cookies, which collect data that these third parties may then use.

Third-party embedded content

We use embedded content from third parties, such as Google Maps and YouTube videos, on our sites and services. When you use this content, third parties may place cookies on your browser that allow the content provider to collect information for its own use. Information about the cookie policies and privacy protection of third parties can be found on the website of the content provider: Google Maps and YouTube and Leadoo.

Purposes and categories of cookies

Some cookies we use are essential for the functionality of our websites and services. In addition to essential cookies, we also use other cookies that allow us to provide you a smooth and personalised customer experience, for example.

We use cookies so that we can:

  • ensure a safe online environment and smooth use of our services

  • provide you with targeted content and marketing

  • monitor the use and operation of our websites and services

  • improve our websites and services.

We have grouped the cookies we use into different categories based on their purpose. See below for more about the cookies we use.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies allow our websites and services to function safely and smoothly. Essential cookies enable basic functions such as navigation and language settings. They allow us to personalise content to you and collect statistical information. We use this information to monitor and report on the operation of our websites and services, among other purposes.

You can only block the use of essential cookies in your browser settings.

OneTrust's cookie management platform helps comply with privacy and cookie policies while allowing users to choose which optional cookies are used in the service. OneTrust cookies are essential for the functionality of the service.

Adobe Analytics cookies help us understand user behaviour on the site and provide safer and more individual and relevant service based on this data.

We use Adobe Target to provide personalised content based on the customer relationship and to ensure the functionality of content and functionalities.

Genesys uses cookies to improve the user experience and the functionality of the service. Cookies help remember your preferences, track authentication sessions and provide a smooth user experience. Genesys does not use cookies to collect personal data that could be used to identify invididuals.

Dynatrace cookies are used to identify and fix technical problems, provide better understanding of user behavior on the site and optimise site performance and functionality.

Analytics and customer experience

We use analytics and customer experience cookies to collect information about the use of our websites and services and visitor numbers. We use the information to help us understand how our websites and services are used. We use the information to develop our websites and services and improve customer experience and for reporting purposes. We collect information both on a general level and from individual users, such as pages visited and time spent on a particular page.

We use analytics and customer experience cookies to manage the visibility and use of third-party embedded content on our sites and services, such as Google Maps and YouTube. Providers of embedded content may place cookies on your browser that allow them to collect data for their own use.

Our website includes the Giosq chat feature that allows visitors to contact our customer service. The cookies used by Giosg Chat enable the use of the service.

The purpose of Hotjar cookies is to collect information about users of the website, such as user behaviour and interaction with the site. This information can be used to improve and develop the site’s user experience.

The Leadoo cookie is used to store the actions and behaviours of users on the website so that companies can offer better and more targeted marketing and a more personalised customer experience.

The purpose of YouTube videos embedded on the site is to provide visitors with better service and useful content through videos. YouTube videos embedded on the site also collect information about visitors.

The purpose of Google Maps embedded in the site is to provide better service to visitors and to direct users to the nearest branch office, for example.

Personalisation, and targeting of marketing

We use personalisation and marketing/targeting cookies to collect information about your behaviour on our websites and services. We use this information to target content and advertising to you on our websites and services, so that we could deliver you suitable content. We also use the information to target direct marketing, so that the products and services we market meet your needs.

Adobe Audience Manager is a targeted marketing tool for websites and applications that can be used to provide a smooth user experience and interesting content on our and our partners' websites.


We use advertising cookies to collect information about your behaviour on our websites and services. Based on this information, we target our advertising to you when you visit other internet sites. We also use the information to analyse the effectiveness of our advertising.

When targeting advertising and analysing the effectiveness of advertising, we may combine information we collect through cookies with your personal data that are stored in our customer system, such as your telephone number and email address. Before delivering these personal data to our advertiser partners, we always encrypt them, so that our partners will not be able to access them in an easy-to-read format.

We disclose data to our advertiser partners (Google and Meta) so that we can target advertising and perform online marketing. Our advertiser partners, including Google, AdForm, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, may utilise the data collected through these cookies also for their own use, and they may offer you targeted content.

To read more about how we target advertising, see the Other section of our website. “Targeted paid online marketing and joint controllership with advertising platform service providers”.

The AdForm cookie is intended for targeting advertising in the AdForm advertisement network, according to the user’s interests.

Facebook cookies store information about user activity on Facebook and other websites. The information collected by cookies is used to effectively target advertising to certain user groups and to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Google Ads cookies are stored on the user's device when the user visits a site using Google Ads This allows advertisers to track user behaviour on the website and show targeted adverts to the user later on the Google network.

Instagram cookies are stored on the user's device when they visit the Instagram website or use the Instagram app. These cookies can be used to track users' activity on Instagram and for targeting advertising.

LinkedIn cookies are stored on the user's device and allow information to be tracked between the LinkedIn service and the company's website. This helps the company target its marketing efforts and improve user experience.

How you can control the use of cookies

You have a say in which cookies are active when you visit our websites and services. You can give permission for the use of all cookies, continue with only essential cookies or select the cookies you give us permission to use in the settings. You can change the permissions you have given at any time in the cookie settings.

If you wish to block cookies completely, you can do so in your browser settings_._ This also prevents the use of cookies that are essential for our websites and services and means that they may no longer function as intended in all cases.

You can delete the cookies stored in your browser by clearing your cookie history in your browser settings. In this case, it will not be possible to create a long-term user profile of your behaviour. However, deleting your cookie history does not affect how new cookies are stored on your device and used. You can edit the permissions for new cookies in the cookie settings.

Cookie settings are specific to the current device and browser in your use. If you are using another device, browser or the incognito mode in your browser, you will need to reconfigure your cookie settings.