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Corporate online service terms and conditions

LocalTapiola’s online service for corporate customers

Online service terms and conditions

Valid as of 20 November 2023

1. General

LocalTapiola’s online service for corporate customers is a portfolio of electronic services. This may include services provided by the LocalTapiola Group companies and third parties which are available for use based on this agreement only.

The online service and the services available for use on the basis of the online service are provided in Finnish and many of them also in Swedish and English.

The use of the online service is free of charge.

2. Parties to the agreement

The online service is arranged, and the services offered for use therein are provided, by the LocalTapiola Group companies.

Hereinafter the administrator and the service providers are referred to as LocalTapiola.

An online service agreement with LocalTapiola may be signed by any company or entity (Customer) with an existing customer relationship with LocalTapiola or any Customer to which LocalTapiola has granted access to the service for a special reason.

If a Customer serves as an authorised representative of some other LocalTapiola corporate customer, at least the party issuing the authorisation must have signed an agreement referred to above.

3. Contractual terms and conditions

These contractual terms and conditions apply to the online services set out in this agreement between a Customer and LocalTapiola. Customers commits to following these contractual terms and conditions by accepting this agreement when those authorised to sign for the company in question or the persons duly authorised to do so sign this agreement or provide their electronic identifiers.

The contractual terms and conditions valid from time to time are available in the online service.

In respect of the online service, these terms and conditions prevail, and the Terms and conditions of digital services apply in the alternative, available at: https://www.lahitapiola.fi/henkilo/asiakaspalvelu/asioi-verkossa/hyva-tietaa/verkkoturvallisuus/digitaalisten-palvelujen-kayttoehdot

With respect to the agreements and services provided and used in the online service, the terms and conditions of the relevant agreements and services prevail, and these contractual terms and conditions apply in the alternative.

4. Content of online service

The online service may feature electronic transaction services and other services, such as electronic filing of claims, reporting, risk management content and chat.

In terms of their content and functionalities, the services offered for use on different types of devices may differ from one another and from the services offered by other means.

LocalTapiola has the right to alter the portfolio of the services offered and the scope and content of these service.

5. Third-party services

Third-party services may also be provided and arranged in or via the online service.

Any services offered by third parties are provided and arranged as is and without obligation. LocalTapiola cannot be held liable for the content, availability or functioning of any information or service produced by third parties or for any loss or damage which the use thereof may cause. LocalTapiola is not a party to any agreements by and between a Customer and third parties and is not liable for the fulfilment of such agreements and the terms and conditions thereof.

6. Access rights

The person who first accepts this online service agreement by signing it or by providing his or her electronic identifier on behalf of a Customer in a manner set out in Section 3, automatically becomes the main user within the meaning of this agreement. Main user means the online service user with the most extensive access rights to the online service and to user management.

Customers accept that in the online service the main user has the right to appoint and remove online service users. Customers accept that the main user and the users designated by him or her have the right to exercise legal capacity binding on the Customer in question. The Customer agrees that the main user may, on behalf of the Customer, issue and revise authorisations which are binding on the Customer in order to take care of that Customer’s insurances and claims.

It is for the main user to ensure that the access rights of those making use of the online service on behalf of the relevant Customer are up to date.

Customers may replace their main user within the period of validity of this agreement. The persons referred to in Section 3 representing a Customer must notify LocalTapiola of any replacement of the main user, or the main user may perform the replacement personally in the online service user management.

The main user or any other party authorised by a Customer must in a reliable manner identify all users before they may use the online service.

7. Identifiers required by services

For the purposes of using the online service, the main user authorised by a Customer and the other users designated by him or her must be in possession of user-specific banking or other identifiers approved by LocalTapiola. Making use of these identifiers is considered equivalent to the identification of someone acting on behalf of a Customer from an identity card issued by the relevant authority.

In the online service LocalTapiola identifies the main user and the users designated by him or her using the identifiers defined herein.

8. Liability for using authentication credentials and transacting in online service

Customers are liable to ensure that the identifiers used in the online service will not be made available to any third parties. Where any identifiers are used in the online service without authorisation or a Customer has reason to believe that a third party has gained access to such identifiers, this must also be communicated to LocalTapiola immediately.

Customers accept that anyone using the authentication credentials of a user may access the online service and exercise legal capacity with LocalTapiola in a manner which is binding on the relevant Customer.
Customers are liable for all action taken through the use of the authentication credentials of a user for as long as the relevant Customer does not personally deactivate the access right in question or does not appropriately request the deactivation of the access right, or for as long as it is not otherwise deactivated by LocalTapiola.

A Customer may serve as an authorised representative of some other LocalTapiola customer and take care of the agreements of such Customer in the Customer’s own online service. LocalTapiola grants a Customer an access right to the details of another corporate customer in the scope set out in the relevant authorisation. The party issuing that authorisation assumes liability for all action taken and messages submitted by virtue of the authorisation for as long as the authorisation is not appropriately cancelled.

9. Communication between LocalTapiola and Customers

All emails between LocalTapiola, the Customer and the online service users are transmitted in an open network. The email messages sent contain no information on any insurances or claims, but they indicate that a Customer is in a customer relationship with LocalTapiola. This information is covered by insurance secrecy. By using the online service, Customers accept this.

If a Customer wishes to submit to LocalTapiola any protected information or information relating to a customer relationship, LocalTapiola recommends that such messages be sent via the online service, by means of some other secure connection or by post.

The Customer is liable to actively monitor the messages and notifications sent by LocalTapiola into the online service. The Customer or an online service user may be sent a specific notice via email or text message about a message or a notification submitted into the online service.

Customers are deemed to become aware of a notification sent by LocalTapiola no later than on the seventh day from the submission of a notification to the relevant Customer’s online service.

Customers are responsible that the information which they submit via the online service is correct. LocalTapiola is not liable to check or supplement any information given. Customers are responsible that the information and orders which they submit via the online service are successfully received until they receive from LocalTapiola an acknowledgement of the reception of the information, unless otherwise provided in the mandatory statutory provisions.

10. Processing of personal data, and saving of data

LocalTapiola ensures the protection of customers’ privacy and processes all personal data in line with all valid statutes and good data management and data processing practice and as set out in LocalTapiola’s privacy notices and at LocalTapiola’s website.

LocalTapiola may save any data on the contacts and transactions made by customers in the online service as well as transactions, messages and telephone calls. These data are processed for purposes such as taking care of customer relationships, handling claims, verifying that a transaction has taken place, developing the online service, and for marketing.

LocalTapiola collects, processes and analyses data on service use, traffic and events as well as other data on transactions.

Customers are advised to familiarise themselves with the more detailed processing of personal data by reading LocalTapiola’s privacy notices and the data protection section of LocalTapiola’s website: lahitapiola.fi/henkilotietojenkasittely. Privacy notices are also available upon request by post or via an email to: tietosuoja@lahitapiola.fi. LocalTapiola’s website also has more information on cookies.

11. Software, devices and telecommunications links

Customers are responsible that they have available the devices, software and telecommunications links necessary to use the online service. Customers are responsible that these function and that they are safe and compatible with the service, together with any costs of maintenance, use and telecommunications. LocalTapiola does not provide any guarantee that the services can be used by means of a Customer’s devices.

Each party is responsible that their respective data security is arranged in an appropriate manner.
LocalTapiola cannot be held liable for any losses caused to a Customer by any data being lost or modified in a public data network, in a data network owned or administered by that Customer or in a data network used by the Customer under a contract or an agreement. Neither is LocalTapiola liable for any losses caused to a Customer through data security risks which materialise.

LocalTapiola has the right to revise the requirements set for the devices and software necessary to use the services or to amend any other functionalities of the services.

12. Service use times

The online service is available for use every day round the clock excluding the interruptions resulting from servicing, updates, maintenance, disruptions and other equivalent causes. LocalTapiola expresses no guarantee that the services are available for use by Customers without interruption and cannot be held liable for any losses caused to Customers by any outages or interruptions.

For the execution of any action requested by a Customer, LocalTapiola reserves a period of time which is reasonable, with due consideration of what the terms and conditions of the relevant contract or service may set out. LocalTapiola expresses no guarantee that any orders and other messages will be processed in the manner and within the time period determined by a Customer in a message and cannot be held liable for any losses which this may cause to that Customer.

13. Right to interrupt service

LocalTapiola has the right to refuse to offer the service or to deactivate a Customer’s access right to the online service and not to execute an order or process an application by a Customer if:

  • the Customer’s devices, software or telecommunications links endanger the safety of the service or where the maintenance of data security otherwise necessitates this;
  • there is reason to believe that the service is being used in a manner which may cause harm to any of the parties or to third parties;
  • the Customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions;
  • the Customer communicates that identifiers have been used in the services without authorisation or that it can be assumed that a third party has gained access to them;
  • some other customer cancels an authorisation which it has granted to the Customer;
  • this is considered necessary for commercial reasons or is due to a force majeure or some other serious reason independent of LocalTapiola; or
  • this is required by law or any regulations issued by the relevant authorities.

LocalTapiola cannot be held liable for losses caused to a Customer by any interruption of the service.

14. Limitation of LocalTapiola’s liability

No information presented in the online service can be considered to constitute an offer, request, commitment or any other expression of a mandatory nature which would be binding on LocalTapiola, unless otherwise stated. The content of each service is determined according to the terms and conditions governing the service or product in question.

Every effort has been made to ensure that all information in the online service website is correct, but LocalTapiola nevertheless assumes no liability for the correct nature of such information or for any losses related to the use of that information.

In addition to the expressions on the limitation of LocalTapiola’s liability found elsewhere in these terms and conditions:

  • LocalTapiola cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses caused to Customers.
  • LocalTapiola cannot be held liable for losses caused through any force majeure or by LocalTapiola’s activities being unreasonably damaged through an equivalent reason. Such reasons include action taken by the authorities, an interruption in electronic communications or loss of electricity not attributable to LocalTapiola, or industrial action.
  • Customers are not entitled to any compensation:
    • on account of this agreement being cancelled, terminated or otherwise closed;
    • or as a consequence of an interruption or discontinuation of access.

15. Observations on service

Customers must submit any observations on the service or order execution in writing or by sending a message via the online service to LocalTapiola without undue delay and no later than within one (1) month of the moment when a Customer becomes or should have become aware of the grounds giving rise to an observation. In the absence of any submission of an observation within this time period, Customers are considered having accepted the act or the measure.

16. Right to amend contractual terms and conditions

LocalTapiola has the right to amend the terms and conditions of this agreement by communicating this to a Customer in the online service no later than one (1) month before such amendment takes effect.
Any amended terms and conditions also apply to the agreements concluded before the amended terms and conditions took effect. If a Customer does not accept the amended terms and conditions, that Customer must cancel this agreement before the amendment takes effect.

A Customer is considered having accepted an amendment where such amendment is communicated as set out above and the Customer continues to use the online service after the amendment takes effect.

17. Validity, termination and transfer of agreement

This agreement enters into force and a Customer’s access right is opened once LocalTapiola receives the agreement, signed by the Customer, and accepts it. LocalTapiola reserves a reasonable delivery time for activation.

This agreement is in force until further notice. The main user has the right to cancel this agreement in the online service without notice. Those authorised to sign for the company may also cancel the agreement in some other manner in writing. LocalTapiola reserves a reasonable period of time to deactivate any access right. LocalTapiola may cancel this agreement to end in one (1) month of cancellation.

If a default occurs with regard to a Customer, or if a Customer is declared bankrupt or a Customer’s business ceases for some other reason, this agreement and the Customer’s access right terminates without cancellation.

LocalTapiola may also terminate this agreement and a Customer’s access right without
cancellation whenever a Customer within a period of two (2) years does not use the online service and no longer has any valid agreements or contracts covered by the online service.

LocalTapiola also has the right to cancel this agreement if a Customer materially violates the terms and conditions of this agreement. In the event of cancellation, this agreement will terminate with immediate effect.

18. Service-related rights

The ownership, copyrights, trademarks and the other intellectual property rights of the online service belong to LocalTapiola or a third party.

A Customer must save and print the material contained in the online service only for that Customer’s use. Any duplication, dissemination and alteration of the material, and all linking and commercial utilisation or publication of the website, without specific written consent from LocalTapiola or some other right holder is forbidden.

19. Applicable law and resolution of disputes

This agreement is subject to the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising from this agreement are settled at the Länsi-Uusimaa District Court.