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Contacting the Corporate Bodily Injury Claims Services

Filing a loss report is also possible online: www.lahitapiola.fi/yritys/hae-korvausta or by following the procedure customized for your company.

Please email cost claims and any further information to:

  • yritysten.henkilovahingot(at)lahitapiola.fi
  • Please notice that the e-mail communication is not encrypted. You can send encrypted messages at the following address: https://secure.lahitapiola.fi

Do not forget to include the claim number and account number in your cost claim, as this helps to allocate the document to the correct claim and expedites processing.

Call us

Entrepreneurs and SMEs (less than 50 employees) workers’ compensation and occupational diseases and off-working-hours insurance:

  • tel. 09 453 3777

Large companies (more than 50 employees) workers’ compensation and occupational diseases and off-working-hours insurance & working capacity insurance accidents:

  • tel. 09 453 3666

Voluntary personal allowances (accident, travel and medical expenses):

  • tel. 09 453 3222

In case of a travel emergency, contact Travel Emergency 24-hour on-call service +358 8000 4531.

The injured party

Report the injury to your employer immediately, and seek treatment by a doctor if necessary.

If you need urgent treatment by a doctor, seek treatment at one of LocalTapiola’s partners, Mehiläinen or Pihlajalinna. In non-urgent cases, you may seek treatment at your occupational health care provider.

In some cases doctors recommend examining your injury more closely, by such means as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or your injury may require surgery. In such cases the doctor will write a medical statement requesting a payment commitment from LocalTapiola. We process quickly any payment commitments received and will notify you via a text message or by calling when a decision has been made.

Compensation for loss of earnings is paid for the duration of three consecutive days for periods of disability to work, if the disability is deemed to result from an injury. The day on which the injury occurred is not included in the three-day period. Up to disability day 28, the amount of compensation payable is in line with the earnings lost, and often employers pay sick pay, which we compensate to the employer. When disability lasts over 28 days, the loss of earnings payable is based on separately determined annual earnings, for which purpose we ask for data from the Incomes Register, the tax authority and, in some cases, the employer.

In cases of occupational accidents and disease, you may claim compensation for expenses which are linked to the treatment of an accidental injury. Such expenses include out-of-pocket pharmaceutical expenses, those for bandages, travel expenses for visits to the pharmacy or to the doctor, and medical treatment expenses. For any medical treatment, at the hospital/clinic present the insurance certificate text message you have received, and invoicing will be taken care of between the hospital/clinic and LocalTapiola in future. For pharmaceutical expenses, make use of the text message addressed to pharmacies you have received, in order for pharmaceutical expense payment demands to be sent directly from the pharmacy to LocalTapiola.

Please email us the information on any expenses you have paid yourself to yritysten.henkilovahingot@lahitapiola.fi. In the subject line of the email, write the claim number you have received, if one is available to you, so as to expedite the processing of your cost claim. Remember to itemise what expenses you have paid, when were the expenses incurred, and the amount of the expenditure you have paid. It is not necessary to attach copies or photographs of any receipts to the email. If needed we will ask for the receipts of out-of-pocket expenses, so please keep them in a safe place.

All incoming documents are processed in the order in which they arrive. We start processing your claim as soon as we receive the documents. Any requests for further information may delay finalising claims settlement decisions, which is why we urge you to reply to any requests promptly.
The average time it takes to finalise a decision on whether your claim is compensable or not is 0–7 days.
Payment commitment matters requested by a doctor are processed in an average of 1–2 days.
Any out-of-pocket expenses you report are paid in an average of 1–7 days.
Compensation for loss of earnings is paid as soon as we have received the information relevant to settle your claim.
If your claim has not progressed within these time periods, please contact our Claims Service. Note that claims handling takes place mainly on weekdays.

Disability pension is paid on the last weekday of each month excluding January, in which it is paid shortly after the year-end.

Get yourself tested as instructed by your own municipality, and monitor your health. Your employer will help you report your Covid-19 infection when you feel better.

If you are not satisfied with the claim settlement decision you have received, you may file an appeal against it by following the instructions on the reverse side of the claim settlement decision you have received.

For entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, report a new occupational or leisure accident in the corporate online service or using this form: www.lahitapiola.fi/vakuutustodistus.

The amount of entrepreneurs’ loss of earnings is based on the level of income under the YEL insurance taken out by the entrepreneur. If you are compensated for loss of earnings due to a leisure accident, please make sure with the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) whether you are also entitled to any other benefits.

Any loss of earnings is taxable earned income and subject to tax withholding levied at the tax rate for additional income or supplementary income, or at 50%.

Notify us, if you would like to return to work before the sick leave ends or if you would like to work at reduced capacity or on a part-time basis. In this case the compensation for loss of earnings payable will be adjusted to the actual workload done.