Information on LocalTapiola Group

LocalTapiola Group in a mutual group of companies owned by its customers. It serves private customers, farmers, entrepreneurs, corporate customers and organisations. LocalTapiola's products and services cover non-life, life and pension insurance, as well as investment and saving services. We are also professionals in corporate risk management and welfare in the workplace.

Structure and management of the group

LocalTapiola launched operations officially on 1st of January 2013.
In addition to LocalTapiola General and the regional companies, the Group comprises of LocalTapiola Life, LocalTapiola Asset Management and LocalTapiola Real Estate Asset Management. Banking services to LocalTapiola's customers is provided by S-Pankki. LocalTapiola owns 23.5 per cent of S-Pankki.

The Group's statutory employee pension insurance partner is Elo.

LocalTapiola's network of regional companies consists of 20 regional mutual insurance.

LocalTapiola employs approximately 3,400 people, half of whom work in the regional companies. The number of owner-customers is nearly 1.6 million.

Group Management

Koponen Juha LähiTapiola

Koponen Juha

Chairman of the Board

Harri Aho LähiTapiola

Harri Aho

Development Director
LocalTapiola Group

Pekka Antikainen LähiTapiola

Pekka Antikainen

Managing Director
LocalTapiola Services Ltd

Jari Eklund

Group director

Tomi Sinisaari

acting Personnel Director
LocalTapiola Services Ltd

Pasi Haarala LähiTapiola

Pasi Haarala

Managing Director
LocalTapiola Pohjanmaa Mutual Insurance CompanyManaging Director
Tel. 06 534 2030

Jukka Kinnunen

Managing Director
LocalTapiola Pääkaupunkiseutu Mutual Insurance Company

Ari Lagerström

LähiTapiola Etelä Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö

Minna Kohmo LähiTapiola

Minna Kohmo

Managing Director
LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company

Timo Laakso LähiTapiola

Timo Laakso

Financial Director
LocalTapiola Group

Tom Liljeström

Managing director

LocalTapiola Asset Management

Olli-Pekka Pohjanmäki LähiTapiola

Olli-Pekka Pohjanmäki

Marketing Director
LocalTapiola Group

Veli Rajakangas LähiTapiola

Veli Rajakangas

Managing Director
LocalTapiola Pohjoinen Mutual Insurance Company

Jussi Seppälä

Managing Director

LocalTapiola Lännen Mutual Insurance Company

Jari Sundström LähiTapiola

Jari Sundström

Managing Director,
LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company

Mikko Vastela LähiTapiola

Mikko Vastela

Chief Information Officer

LocalTapiola Group