Non-life insurance

Together with regional companies LocalTapiola General is a leading non-life insurer offering both voluntary and statutory non-life insurance. History stretches back to 18th century.

LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company

Address: Revontulenkuja 1, Espoo (Tapiola)
Mailing address: 02010 LÄHITAPIOLA
Phone: 09 4531
Business ID 0211034-2
Electronic invoicing address: 003702110342

Supervising authority:
Financial Supervisory Authority
PL 103, 00101 HELSINKI
Tel. 010 831 51


Insurance services for private customers

  • Insurances for the most important things in your life
  • Best customer benefits in the sector (Omaetu)
  • On-line services

Insurance services for corporate customers

  • Comprehensive insurance and personnel risk management services
  • Property and business risk management and insurance
  • On-line services

News and press releases

Current issues

LocalTapiola General Annual report 2014

The annual brochure provides an account of the key events and key figures of the LocalTapiola Genera in 2014.