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LocalTapiola Asset Management LTD

LocalTapiola Asset Management Ltd concentrates on asset management services. Assets under management €10.8 billion (12/2017).

LocalTapiola Asset Management Ltd

Business ID: 1604393-7
Electronic invoicing address 003716043937
Visiting Address: Revontulenkuja 1, Espoo (Tapiola)
Mailing address: 02010 LÄHITAPIOLA


Superivising authority: Financial Supervisory Authority, PL 103, 00101 Helsinki
Phone: +358 10 831 51


Services for private customers

  • Investment funds
  • Private Banking
  • Vauras-investment concept

Services for corporate customers

  • Solutions for efficient cash management purposes
  • Investment funds
  • Private Banking

Services for institutional investorsComprehensive online services are available to our customers.

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