Life insurance

LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company offers life insurance products, e.g. personal life insurances, group life insurances and personal pension schemes as well as insurance-based savings.

LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company

Visitng address: Revontulenkuja 1, Espoo (Tapiola)
Mailing address: 02010 LÄHITAPIOLA
Phone: +358 9 4531
Business ID 0201319-8
Electronic invoicing address 003702013198

Supervising authority:
Financial Supervisory Authority
PL 103, 00101 HELSINKI
Phone + 358 10 831 51


Services for private customers

  • Insurances for family members and yourself
  • Pension savings
  • Insurance-based savings
  • On-line services

Services for corporate customers

  • Personnel insurances and personnel risk analysis
  • Comprehensive personnel risk management services
  • Pension savings
  • On-line services