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How to impact the processing of personal data

Data protection is the protection of people's private lives. This includes each individual's right to their own personal data. The protection of personal data from unauthorised or detrimental usage is the basic principle of the rights of a customer.

We offer our customers opportunities to decide and to control the processing of their own personal data. Below are listed different ways in which our customers can impact the collection and processing of their data.


The customer has the right to refuse the use of their personal data in direct marketing, opinion surveys and market studies at any time. The customer may decide to what extent or for which parts they wish to exercise this right. Exercising the right is free of charge.

A customer may file a marketing prohibition by announcing it to the LocalTapiola Group either in the online service, by emailing tietosuoja@lahitapiola.fi, at a LocalTapiola office or by mail to the following address:

LocalTapiola Group
Data Protection Officer / Mika Juuso
Revontulenkuja 1
FI-02010 LocalTapiola.

Electronic direct marketing messages can be disallowed also by following the link found in the message itself.

Right of access

Our customers have the right of access to data in LocalTapiola's personal register concerning themselves and, subject to certain limitations, concerning children in their custody. The customer must report details needed for the search and delivery of the data. Such details include, for example, name, address, personal ID code, what topic or issue the data requested is related to, whether data is requested for a certain time period or whether the right of access is exercised on all data.

The customer can make an access request by sending a signed request for verification in writing to the following address:

LocalTapiola Group
Data Protection Officer / Mika Juuso
Revontulenkuja 1
FI-02010 LocalTapiola.

An access request can also be made in person at LocalTapiola offices. In this case we will verify the identity of the person exercising their right of access as we may disclose only data concerning the person exercising the right.

On the basis of their right of access, a customer has the right to review data concerning themselves at LocalTapiola offices or to upon request receive copies of the data. If the customer requests for copies of the data, we will deliver the copies to the customer by mail within three months.

When requesting data, the customer may make use of a model form prepared by the office of the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Right of correction

The customer has the right to demand that registered personal data found erroneous or insufficient in terms of processing be removed or supplemented. The data must concern the requesting customer themselves or the children in their custody. A request for correction can be made by submitting a signed specified request or additional clarification in writing to the following address:

LocalTapiola Group
Data Protection Officer / Mika Juuso
Revontulenkuja 1
FI-02010 LocalTapiola.

The more justifiable, specified and clear the request for correction is, the better we can process it. Personal data can be updated also by visiting a LocalTapiola office in person or by contacting our customer service.

We strive to ensure the currency and accuracy of our customer data by, for example, updating our customers' contact information based on the Finnish Population Information System (VTJ).

We will either correct inaccurate or insufficient personal data upon request of the customer or else return a certificate of refusal in writing containing the reasons for why the correction request was not accepted. If we have submitted the data to third parties, we will inform them of the correction of the data.

Removal of data

The customer has the right to demand, subject to certain exceptions, that data outdated or unneeded in terms of the purpose of the processing be removed. This does not mean that all personal data must be removed immediately and definitively after a demand has been made. Due to the regulation of the finance sector, we are obliged to store our customers' data throughout the duration of a customer relationship and in part also after its termination. If data storing is necessary for example due to legal obligations or contracts, the data may be stored for such a purpose for as long as is necessary.

The removal of outdated or unneeded data will always be decided on a case-specific basis. The obligation to remove outdated or unneeded data may result in that documents that the customer wants to review on the basis of their right of access to the register data can no longer be found in our systems.

The customer can make a request of removal either in person at LocalTapiola offices or by sending a signed request of removal in writing to the following address:

LocalTapiola Group
Data Protection Officer / Mika Juuso
Revontulenkuja 1
FI-02010 LocalTapiola.

The request should contain at least name of customer, personal ID code, address and phone number, as well as what data the customer wants to be removed.

Right to make an appeal

We aim to investigate and solve possible problems directly with our customers. However, the customer has the right to make an appeal to the authorities if they feel that their personal data has been used in violation of the current information security legislation.

Contact details of authorities

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman
Postal address: P.O. Box 800, FI-00521 Helsinki
Street address: Ratapihantie 9, 6th floor FI-00520 Helsinki
Tel. +358 29 56 66700
E-mail: tietosuoja@om.fi

Financial Supervisory Authority
Postal address: P.O. Box 103, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Street address: Snellmaninkatu 6, FI-00101 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 183 5360 Tue 9-10 am and Thu 2 3 pm
E-mail: kirjaamo@finanssivalvonta.fi