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Cookies and other tracking of website use

The LocalTapiola website uses cookies. In order for the website and services to function correctly, you must allow the use of cookies. Below is a detailed description of purposes for which we collect cookies and how you can control the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies can be used to track your interests based on the websites and content you have visited and viewed. In practice, cookies are small text files that are stored on your device by your Internet browser. These cookies contain a unique identifier that is used to identify your browser. The information is collected based on the pages you visit, and the cookies themselves do not contain any personal data. Advertisements can be targeted accurately to you because cookies identify which device you use to retrieve information, thereby allowing advertisements to be targeted to you.

Cookies by LocalTapiola

We use cookies to track and analyse the use of our website. We use cookies to collect information such as the number of people using our services, the length of time spent on our website, and the type of content searched on the site. Cookies also tell us from which you have accessed the LocalTapiola site, and the website that you next visit from our site. This information is used to develop our products and services and to target marketing and advertising. It is therefore possible that the next time you visit our website, we will identify you and offer advertisements that we believe will interest you based on the content you viewed on your previous visit.

Cookies by third parties

The LocalTapiola website also uses cookies by third parties. In practice, this means that partners of LocalTapiola may place their cookies on your device when you visit our company’s website. We purchase services such as reporting and analytics tools from these third parties, and use the information obtained from such tools also in our own operations. Our services also contain so-called social plugins, such as Facebook and Twitter. If you have allowed the use of cookies in these social plugin services, it is possible that these service providers will also collect information on your visit to the LocalTapiola website.

Deleting and disabling cookies

You can control what cookies may be installed on your device. In practice, this can be done in your browser settings. You can disable all use of cookies, but in this case, you may not be able to access all websites and services as intended. However, it is possible to delete cookies at regular intervals, in which case they cannot be used to create a long-term user profile of you as the creation process must be restarted after the deletion. A third option is to restrict the use of cookies by, for example, disabling cookies used by third parties.